All Things Schuyler

Chances are, if you’re interested in Tour de Farm, you’re at least somewhat familiar with the area, Schuylerville included.  And that means you probably know about the Schuyler House.  Maybe you’ve even been there once or twice on a third grade field trip.  Or you’ve driven by it.  Or you’ve just driven by a sign that says Schuyler House and an arrow pointing you there.  But, did you also know there’s a Schuyler Mansion in Albany?

That’s not all.  Turns out, if you’re a hotshot from the Revolutionary War, lots of things get named after you.  (Even if your name is hard to spell, like his.)  In addition to Schuylerville, NY, there’s also a county in this fine state of New York and also in Illinois named, aptly, Schuyler County.  Furthermore, Fort Schuyler, constructed in 1833, now houses the Maritime Industry Museum and SUNY Maritime College.  There’s also a Philip Schuyler Achievement Academy in Albany named in honor of the General and his son, Philip J. Schuyler, who served in the House Representatives.  And, if you’re curious as to what Schuyler looks like, a statue of our friend Phil stands in front of Albany’s city hall.

The dashing fella himself, General Philip Schuyler.


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