Quincy Farm!

We are proud to announce Quincy Farm as a new stop this year for Tour de Farm!  Quincy Farm is a 49 acre vegetable farm and CSA along the Hudson River run by Luke Deikis and Cara Fraver in Schaghticoke, NY.

Quincy Farm in early fall.

The story behind Quincy Farm is one of growing relevance.  Previously known as Battleview Farm, the land has been in continuous agricultural production since 1777 and had been owned by the Wright family until 2010, when they made the decision to sell. Luke and Cara’s four-year quest to find healthy, affordable farmland ended when they approached the Open Space Institute and the Agricultural Stewardship Association for help.  Making the farm affordable, OSI and ASA were able to place a conservation easement on the land to ensure that the land continues to be farmed for the next 233 years and beyond.  Last year, Luke and Cara sold their produce at three area farmer’s markets.  This year, they’re offering CSA shares as well!

Luke and Cara on the Farm!

Check out Quincy Farm’s awesome website for great information on the history of the land, their farm blog, and how to track down the veggies they growClick here to learn more about how Quincy Farm is being conserved.


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