Two New Stops!

We’re pleased to announce Ensign Brook Farm and Booth Farm as two new exciting stops along the 15-mile route.

A beautiful sheep farm, Ensign Brook has three different registered flocks – Romney, Merino-crosses, and Cheviot – which yield whole range of fibers.  This variety allows for interesting and unique yarns and roving, which are spun in small quantities to ensure quality.  Also available are watercolor and landscape paintings by Karin, the farmer herself!  You won’t want to miss what will surely be a fun stop!

Booth Farm has an interesting history and currently produces compost for sale.  From their website: “Six generations of Booths have run a dairy farm along the Hudson on what was originally part of the Schuyler Land Grant. The growth of the dairy business raised concerns for the surroundings, especially the beautiful Hudson River. Kevin Booth began experimenting with composting to better manage the animal waste. Today, after many years of experimentation, education, and determination, Booth’s Blend compost, an all natural product, is available to help you create beautiful plantings.”  Their farm overlooks the Saratoga Battlefield, a sight you won’t want to miss!


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